January 24th, 2012

Sea dragon


I dreamed last night J and I moved back to Phoenix, to a three bedroom flat near campus. We were going to rent two of the bedrooms out. The room we were going to use was a bizarre plastic inset with the shower, bath, jacuzzi and bed areas all marked in it. J was planning on going back into lighting design full time and told me his dad totally approved and his old friend Kyle was going to set him up. I sure had no desire to go back into the coffee business and wanted to know if J didn't, say, want to do anything to make money. "That SEO thing was going pretty well for you back in London," I said. He just gave me a dirty look.

We had a bird again, a cockatiel, with the gray feathers typical of the only color I usually see in dreams. And I had a horrible bicycle with broken pedals (unsurprising given that I didn't have a car for most of the ten years I lived in Tempe).

I woke up yesterday with my throat tight and congested as hell and called work to say I was going to work from home. I did actually manage two one hour meetings and a twenty minute phone conference - and I read some test plans - but at one point I was exhausted and fell asleep for almost two hours. So obviously I was pretty sick. Today I'm just congested with my nose running. I'll be going into work.

Keeping it real means downs and ups

I have no idea why but I have been in a really good mood all day today, even though I'm still sick (congested and occasionally dizzy) and my commute in was hellish (it was so crowded there was nearly a fight - there was shouting - and my hair, which was down, got caught between two people).
I came in and saw a 2 hour afternoon meeting was cancelled, and realized I'd planned to go to visit my team Oop North on Thursday (and had zero meetings planned). Then I got a cancellation for another meeting. Then I had a half hour meeting (with someone I really respect) about Why I'm Getting The Hell Outta Dodge. It made me feel valued and respected. My lunch date cancelled right afterward, but someone else agreed to move their dinner with me so I could go to another event.

And ... it was weird, like something warm and treacley was spreading out from between my shoulderblades (where I normally store my stress) or even from where my ribs meet (the solar plexus?), but I felt GOOD, warm and relaxed and happy and kind of hopeful, like I pretty much haven't since the last few days after Christmas. And it was an extremely visceral experience of feeling good. I can still feel it.

No, readers, there is no carnal explanation for this. Maybe it's the Day Nurse, maybe it's getting the date set for starting my new job. Maybe it's the start of the Lunar New Year. Whatever it is, if the rest of the Year of the Dragon feels like today does, I could not ask for much more.