January 27th, 2012


Draft works Linbury and Pitchfork Disney

I've managed to make it out twice this week (despite my cold - number five since October), so I have reviews to share. The first is for a ballet show, "Draft Works at the Linbury," 10 different pieces by 10 different choreographers. This kind of thing is for hard core ballet fans - it's a way to see up and coming dancers and choreographers - kind of like going to see a feeder team play baseball so you can get a preview of who is going to be in the talent pool next year.

Then Wednesday night I thought I had tickets for She Stoops to Conquer at the National (it's already getting buzz as a hysterically funny show), but it turns out the person I was going with had bought them for Thursday, but in the Google Calender/twitter messaging communication loop something did not get written down and lo, I was free on Wednesday after all. The same person was available, though, and I went with him to see Pitchfork Disney, a miserable, bad piece of theater made sadder by the waste of acting talent involved in it. It's a script that attempts to be horrifying and over the top and succeeds in being exhibitionistic without being compelling. In a final moment of hilarity, a heavy set man wearing head to toe rubber, with a mask on that had his mouth and eyes covered, totters onto stage in big boots to "terrorize" the inhabitants of a squalid apartment. They're cowering, but I was thinking, "Oh, look at the little man who just wants someone to hurt him! Do normal people think he's scary? Because when you can't see where you're going (very well) or communicate anything, you're sure not much of a threat." But, you know, this is SCARY MAN in exhibitionistic, getting it wrong theater-land.

Anyway, for all I feel lonely, I was realizing a quick perusal of who I'm hanging out with these days would show I've further broadened my pool of friends. Saturday was Josh and friends (his husband and two guys I hit it off with nicely) for cards and tacos; Sunday night was La Soiree with an OKCupid date guy (Saucy Sam); Monday it was home sick with wechsler feeding me dinner (thank you for that); Tuesday was ballet with Chris, a guy I mostly know through Twitter (and who also went to a Russian architecture exhibit with me Saturday afternoon); Wednesday was the play with Ian, another Twitter theater type (and several other people I've made friends with through my theater blogging endeavors); and last night was a rare night "by myself" but really with my oil painting class. So I am still lonely in some ways but I'm succeeding in my goal to expand my social circle, and that's a good thing that will have to lead to better things eventually. Social networking: it works!