March 10th, 2012


Reviews, 4:48 Psychosis and Floyd Collins

As well as getting my hair done yesterday, I managed to get two reviews posted. The second posted (but first started) was for 4:48 Psychosis, a play about clinical depression,  told from inside the head of someone who's been institutionalized for it. I thought it was the most realistic depiction of craziness I've ever seen on stage. The other review was for Floyd Collins at the Southwark Playhouse. While I wouldn't normally shy away from a musical about a man trapped in a cave, this play had me feeling trapped in a pit of boredom .... so off I went at the interval. Free at last! With luck,  I'll get a review of the 2nd iteration of the six part "Tempest" I'm seeing (taking place over six months) in a pop-up theater in Dalston (every time they rip out the interior of the building and build not so much a new set as a completely new series of rooms), but I've also got ideas about doing a 100 word play a la Rashomon while I'm chez Booklectic's parents, so we'll see what happens first.