March 20th, 2012


Reviews: Master and Margarita (Barbican) and 6 part Tempest

As ever, London is providing me with more exciting things than I can attend, not to mention more things than I can write about. So I went to two ballets last week and wrote up none of them, but finally got around to writing up the second installation in this six part Tempest a company is doing in a soon-to-be-torn-down building in Shoreditch. (Pleasingly, my review was retweeted by a guy who is a business editor at the BBC, meaning I got the second highest number of hits for my blog in a single day ever - 521.) I was really busy spending the weekend goofing off in Brighton with [Bad username: eglantine_dreams], including attending Alex's birthday shindig (at which I miraculously did not freak out about the number of strange people there) and getting a super power Thai massage at Spa Tara, as well as enjoying the incredibly pleasant company of Miss [Bad username: eglantine_dreams]. I don't know what it is about that girl but hanging around her just makes everything feel better. :-)

Anyway, while I did get some writing done while I was there, I didn't get around to writing up Friday night's trip with dreamsewing to see The Master and Margarita at the Barbican until today. It was a complete marathon of a show - one hour and forty five minutes until intermission alone - but I found myself eager to go back. It says something for the quality of the production, I think. And, of course, it was lovely to get to spend some time with Ms. M.

Meanwhile last night was my first leaving do at work - a group outing to see The Ladykillers, a funny little show made much better for the fact that for twenty-five quid I got a decent Japanese meal AND dress circle seats. It was great to do something fun with my coworkers - I love what generally decent folks they are and enjoy their good-natured teasing. I haven't been able to write it up yet and kind of doubt I will - the show is near closing at what with my job winding up this week my spare time is nada.

Oh. Mega fuckup du jour. I had tickets for a show tonight in Kingston, missed the train I said I'd be on, then discovered about five minutes later that the tickets were actually for tomorrow - when I have another show booked. Then I found out I was on the wrong train anyway. This was after getting off of a differently wrong train that left five minutes before mine did, and after getting on the wrong train to work this morning and only figuring it out after it had passed the point where I could have easily switched to the right train. Seriously, this is a lot of shit for me to do wrong in one day. Fortunately I caught it before I'd made it out to the back end of beyond but it left me flustered and almost in tears. I did the only thing I could think of in an emergency - I called wechsler and asked him to fix things for me. So instead of a fancy evening of top quality theater, I got pizza and BBC, which was probably fine given that I've got another stupid cold and spent half of the night coughing my lungs out.

Anyway. I finished training my interim successor today (because he's not available anymore). Meeting with new boss tomorrow. Three more days at my current job. CAN'T WAIT.