May 17th, 2012


Foursquare and theater

I'm as nutty about shows as ever: two so far this week and a third tonight. I'm behind in my reviews, but managed to slip one for Misterman in late night. Ooh, and I have my first "reader deal" ever special for my blog: free drinks if you go to the current installation of the six part Tempest in Hoxton and use a code word (no one has asked me for the code word yet though so I guess I'm not all that popular).

Last week I saw a very much excellent show, Barbarians, right down the street from where I live. Seeing top class actors like that in a space that holds about 50 is really great, but when you crank it up to 11 with performances that made me have to remember I was not actually in a room with a bunch of angry skinheads (or one angry skinhead and his two friends) it all just a bit too much. Well, actually, it wasn't too much at all, it was fantastic.

(Looks like there's a fair few other reviews I haven't posted lately, including one for Einstein on the Beach and a chatty thing on how I rate shows, but rather than link back to about a month's worth of writing I'll just say to head yourself to my Wordpress blog if you're interested. Work is so busy I can barely find any time to write at all these days, especially with a four show a week schedule, so crossposting them to Livejournal just isn't happening.)

Meanwhile in my other obsessions I've got 192 Foursquare mayorships, despite losing two this morning. My my, it's a good thing I try to avoid getting into things like this (she says 32,271 tweets later).
Angry White Poodle

If you didn't already know this (trigger alert)

I was sexually abused by my stepfather as a child. This has affected how I am as an adult, especially in terms of issues of trust. My mother continued to live with this man for eight years after I told her what was going on. It mostly stopped but I made sure to avoid ever being alone with him. I still had to eat dinner with him every night and have him drive me to Girl Scouts and the mall and go buy groceries with him. So do I know how to bear up in a dangerous situation? Yes I do. Do I expect to go through life without support when I am under fire? Unfortunately, I do. But it's not how I want things to be. Do I know how to live without love and affection? I learned how to do that during those years, too, but that's now how I want my life to be as an adult. I lived with the shame of this for years and then at some point realized I hadn't done anything wrong. So I'm talking about this because I think it's important to say it happened and I didn't do anything wrong and to let other people know if this happened to you, you were not the only one. My counselor said I am not damaged from this in how I deal with other people, but I take betrayal very hard and desperately want security. But mostly, I'm okay. And sometimes, when I see how I deal with people who actively want to damage me, I think I'm probably too okay, because I should not even speak to them or acknowledge their existence. Right, time for work.