June 3rd, 2012


Reviews: Abigail's party and Retz's "The Claribel"

Over the last several months I've been lucky enough to see all of the episodes of a six part version of the Tempest that's been put on, at monthly intervals, in an abandoned East London shop. The company have gutted the interior for every show and done about 14 performances to intimate audiences (about 8-12 people) - a situation that has led to, for me, much greater understanding of the text that before. The most recent version was "The Claribel," which was done as the part of the Tempest where the king's life is threatened by the not nice people that were shipwrecked with him. The setting was a hotel lobby; we were served Earl Grey martinis. I liked it.

I also went last week to see Abigail's Party, a play which a lot of people I know have said they found hysterically funny. I really just didn't get it, but at least I've seen it - and the acting was good.