July 14th, 2012


Reviews: Flora the Red Menace and A Winter's Tale (Propellor)

Another week has whizzed by - two plays, a concert and a movie, none of which was the highlight of my week. No, the best part was going at nitoda's invite to a Ceilidh put on by the Gay Gordons on Thursday. Now I am keeping pretty damned busy so it may not come as a surprise to you that all of my pre-dance planning consisted of figuring out how to get to the dance hall; I was therefor quite surprised to find up that I'd arrived at an LGBT Ceilidh! This was, of course, about as awesome as it gets for me as it really felt like my community. I had brought a friend with who _also_ was quite at home there and we really just danced up a storm. Apparently they meet every Thursday (except for August) so now I have to find more times to go as their Islington location makes it all just about perfect.

The two plays I saw were Flora the Red Menace at the Landor pub theater, a highly enjoyable "forgotten" Kander and Ebb, and A Winter's Tale as performed by Propellor, which means it was as good as this shit play probably ever gets.

Last night I made it to The Ring, a silent Hitchcock about two boxers fighting for one woman. I expected it to have a gruesome ending, but no such luck - disappointing, really. This I saw with Andrew of the Whingers and I enjoyed his company tremendously (and he enjoyed my Carignan - it was just an amazing bottle and we had enough time for dinner to really revel in it). He and I are planning some more cards dates for the future, which will be fun. Meanwhile today is gardening in the damp, watching eglantinedreams this evening, and tomorrow will be tacos and games with the American couple I've made friends with this spring. All hail new friends!