August 9th, 2012


Reviews: Curtains and Soho Cinders

Even with half of last week in Greece, I managed to make it to three shows before Sunday hit. My favorite was probably Curtains, a musical mystery parody by Kander and Ebb: at $20 it was a great deal and the songwriting was fabulous.

Utterly forgettable was the last show of the set, Soho Cinders, which burnt me with dull craftsmanship even though there was little to complain about in terms of the quality of the performances. Ah well, it was to see my friend that night if nothing else, but I wasn't happy I spent $35 for the ticket.

I'm nearly over my cold - actually managed to sleep through the night - well, woke up coughing but fell back asleep. Much better than the night I woke up at 4 AM or the night I was just laying there coughing for long bouts.

I also went and saw Elizabeth Fraser on Monday. She was lovely but I didn't enjoy being sick and I really didn't enjoy being there by myself. I left after the first encore, and, as I found out later, missed "Song of the Siren." Partially I left because I was tired and partially because I just didn't feel like winding up on the same train as Jason and his girlfriend as I was already demoralized and down. Bah. I really just shouldn't ever go to concerts by myself.

I've changed my company name on LinkedIn

So we had a meeting today to discuss a particularly poorly coded area of software. At some point I heard the word "insanity" so much that I started seeing it all as being some sort of demon summoning in the Cthulu vein. Suddenly, I imagined myself working at the HP Lovecraft school of software development, and then the conversation started to make sense. At one point a developer kept saying some nonsense syllables and I became convinced he was trying to say one of the names of the Old Ones that's not pronounceable with a human tongue. Phrases like, "We need to have control over this stuff!" and "Things that were previously coping started dying" all started to have sinister secondary meanings.

Eventually, the guy leading this effort said, "When are we just going to have a zero tolerance for this kind of shit?"

I said, "I'd be happy if we just had a zero tolerance for, say, fox shit. Then we could work our way down through the carnivores and maybe only have herbivore piles of shit."

A second developer said, "Ah! If we were even able to say no to fox shit! That would be a happy day."