August 16th, 2012



Right, I've booked 19 1/2 days of leave for work. If I go to La Paz, I'll need another 5 days, meaning I have ... er ... half a day for a winter break.


Maybe this won't be my year to kayak with the whales. If my nephew comes on a trip to Europe like I've promised him, I won't have any vacation time to take him anywhere ...

Writing! So much writing! (Reviews of Long Day's Journey, Julius Caesar, etc.)

Well, I have been doing rather a lot of writing this week, though it's mostly been on my "H.P. Lovecraft Institute of Software Development" blog. I've got a Twitter feed for it, too. Somehow it seems every day has a new inspiration ... I didn't even get around to writing up today's entry, but it's ready to roll whenever.

Did I mention that a recruiter saw that I had changed my job location to (the above) and thought I'd gone to work for H.P.? To top it off, he'd never heard of H.P. Lovecraft. Sad.

Instead of Lovecraft blogging I spent my time writing up A Long Day's Journey into Night, which was a) mostly a review of the play itself and b) probably a waste of time to write as the play is closing in a few days. But, well, the stats on my theater blog have been really poor and I thought maybe a little more love would help get people to my site more frequently. You know, constantly refreshing content makes you show up more in Google search, so I should do that, even for a review that maybe 20 people will consciously read.

Perhaps more hopeful in the "people might read this stakes" is my review of the Royal Shakespeare Company's Julius Caesar, which just opened up at the Noel Coward theater, right next door to work. Woo! I just had to go see it because there it was practically in my lap.

I also managed to write up (in a frenzy of weekend writing) Mack and Mabel at the Southwark Playhouse. I had no idea they'd written a musical tribute to the silent movie era: it was practically custom made for me, and it was a good time.

Now this week, mind you, there has been NO THEATER at all. I've been kayaking, salsa dancing, and Pilating. This seems to have contributed to a fairly good mood. I also went to see a silent movie (The Lodger) at the BFI with severe_delays. So, really, it's been a very good week, but deep in my heart I know my theater blog will be suffering from the lack of attention. Ah well, I suspect most of the rest of the world isn't spending too much time watching shows this month, anyway.