August 23rd, 2012


Continuing the writing

I'm continuing to write the H.P. Lovecraft Institute of Software Design blog, although I've only had one entry for this week (since I spent Tuesday doing an art thing). It's got a companion twitter feed but due to space limitations it doesn't have Lovecraft in the title.

Hits for the site have been up and down but I'm finding this a good way to blow off steam about work. I'm packaging them as a sort of "reality" blog and Twitter feed, as if the writer was talking about real things. It's not traditional story telling but I think it's a sensible way to approach story telling in the 21st century - telling stories in the mediums we are using to learn about things, only not in the mediums we usually take in fiction.

Anyway ... now I need to figure out how to boost the signal (getting promoted by reddragdiva really helped me my first day!). I'll try adding the Twitter feed as a sidebar to the main page (no idea how but I see other people do this on Wordpress all the time) and see if that helps ...