August 31st, 2012


Review, "Illusions" (Corneille as adapted by Tony Kushner)

I will apparently never get around to writing up Sweeney Todd. The leads were obviously professional actors but the passion was gone and my night was very negatively affected by the rudeness of the audience up in the star-spangled rooftop of the theater. Use your phone? Talk? WHY NOT?

Anyway, I had a much better time (for less!) at the Southwark Playhouse this week watching Illusions, an adaptation of a very old play by Corneille. Six actors and some sheets, it's really all you need to make magic happen. Recommended.

Had a nice dinner last night with dreamsewingmiko, who's new shop is just around the corner from my old digs at Old Street. Amazing how Shoreditch is just hipster central over there whereas my side of the street (with the Bunhill Row cemetery) was just dead and dull. I had my new corset fitted, we ate yummy Vietnamese food, we caught up about a bunch of stuff. Recommended.

Today I'm off to Sicily for a week long kayaking trip. I haven't done a long trip like this overseas since, er, before Jason. Hopefully it will go well and I won't have a mental breakdown due to being unable to handle that much isolation - I've met the guy who's running the trip before but that will probably not be enough. I've got three books to plug in the gap but a bit of the fear that I won't be able to fit enough of my shit in the kayak. We'll see Saturday, I suppose. Let's hope this time I get to see the red rocks glowing at the top of Stromboli.