September 9th, 2012


Last full day in Vulcano

Oh, what a day!


Good: got to geek out at the Vulcano vulcanology museum; pistachio cream filled cake roll; swimming in bathtub warm black beach; fireworks at midnight.
Bad: went to Lipari especially to see "history of Aeolian islands" part of museum, found out after buying ticket it was closed due to staff shortages; waiting for an hour to never be picked up for the "last night/first night" barbeque at the kayak base.


Item the last really pissed me off, especially as E never called to ask where I was then texted me to say I could walk to the base and they'd see me in 20 minutes. I huffed off because I didn't want to walk there in the pitch black and then wait for 2 hours to eat, so I walked to another restaurant which turned out to be overpriced and have exactly 2 non-fish based items on its menu.


Then E parked his van in front of my restaurant to go to the deli next door; I ran out to ask him what happened. He said he called me until his phone ran out of money, but also that there was only a bbq for him and his girlfriend but could I please come? I said no, I had to chat with Sylvana about visiting her in Ethiopia. So we made up, he dropped me back at the Eden Resort, then for 3 hours Sylvana fed me breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto while we drank wine and I scandalized her with tales about my life in London. She's also getting divorced after a very long marriage so she feels my pain. If my nephew won't take me up on my offer of a trip to Europe to celebrate his graduation, I'm off to Addis Abbaba like a shot next spring.

Crowned T

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In the beginning Nostra Regina walked on streets of lava, and yet she did not know her name
On the first day, there was dinner under the moonlit skies of Vulcano, and it was good.
On the second day, there were sea caves yellowed with sulphur, and Nostra Regina learned her name. And it was good.
At the beginning of the third day, there were three people in two boats. At the end, two in one.
And on the fourth day there was the lash of the Medusa and the betrayal of Stefano. The vulcano did explode and there was a great gnashing of teeth.
On the fifth day, Nostra Regina cut through the waves with her steely gaze. And there was granita con panna and it was very, very good.
The sixth day was a day of rest inside of the collapsed volcano Lentia, and Nostra Regina shared in the joy of the grill and the primi and the bruschetta and the cheap red wine from a box. The Italians ate her pasta and it was good. And it rained on Stefano, which seemed like karmic justice.
On the seventh day Nostra Regina voyaged across the seas to the land of the giant bruschetta, and Nostra Regina did partake. And the two in the one boat did return to Vulcano, and there was a saying of goodbyes and much rubbing of the forearms.
On the Eighth day, the denizens of Lipari did conspire to not staff the volcanic museum, but lo, Nostra Regina went back to Vulcano and swam in beach with black sand and visited the volcanic museum on Vulcano, so there. And with her new knowledge the island of Vulcano became more beautiful in her eyes. And in the dark hours she did speak in her role as Bride of Dionysius with the Lady of the Forest, and there was great rejoicing.
On the ninth day the parents at the black beach did discover the pedalo with slide, and it was good for them. And Nostra Regina swam beside them, then drew her cloak of argent and coral around her, and did have one last glass of wine in Milazzo, and enjoyed the luscious thick, warm air, and thought a return visit next September could be most awesome.
On the tenth day, Nostra Regina worked, and forgot her name. And Vulcano steamed and the Lady of the Forest swam and Stromboli heaved ash, and it was good.