September 21st, 2012


Tiger Lillies and King Lear review: working on a different life

Well! Things are settling in post-kayak trip, and I'm seeing less theater, as expected. Okay, well, I've been to Sadler's Wells to see the San Francisco Ballet Company three times in seven days, but I've only been to see two plays: the Tiger Lillies Hamlet (tonight the last night) and Jonathan Pryce's King Lear at the Almeida. One was art, one was a bunch of famous people in a forgettable production but was free thanks to getting a comp. Ah well.

I've also been swing dancing, kayaking, gone on a historical walk, and started learning Italian, plus I've done my first two swimming lessons at the public pool near work. Who'd think that keeping your head down, your arms close to your body, and your legs NOT kicking into the hair would make such a difference? Also, while I'd never thought about it, of course waiting for a long time to breathe gets your body into panicked oxygen starvation mode.

We also had layoffs at work. In some ways, it's a notch in my belt of managerial experiences, but it's actually been miserable and the fallout is continuing. But that's another post.

Free healthcare rules

After those horrible times when my feet and hands were tingling frequently and I was getting a narrowed field of vision, I'm please to report today I was 132/87. I've had the lower number below ninety for about two plus years now. My stress reduction plans are helping!