October 31st, 2012


It's a learning kind of month

So I'm now at the midpoint for the Italian class I've been taking at the YMCA in Central London. Difficulties: there are about 8 different ways to say "the." Comedy: for what you do for a living, the Italian construction is "doing the waiter/programmer/teaching [thing]." It's like it's a role you put on and not something that's really about who you are as a person. I like that. Unfortunately our teacher was sick for two weeks so we missed rather a lot of class, and while I was in Italy last weekend I was unable to remember how to say,"How are you?" But I've improved a lot in the last six weeks. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the two makeup sessions we're having so I'll be missing how to talk about the weather and such; the teacher has promised a private lesson in January for me, though. :-)

I'm at work in a tiny witch's hat that lastwordy_mcgee left at mine last year. I've made Halloween gift bags for my team and if they come by my desk and say Trick or Treat I'm giving them candy (which I bought from the placed that imports American candy so we're talking about £5 per bag o' treats). I miss having Halloween stuff going on and cute little trick or treaters to come by. I'm also setting up a group trip to BoDeans for Thanksgiving. I miss my cultural traditions; it's nice to share them with people here - makes me feel less lonely for home.

I'm also studying for my Life in the UK test, which I'm taking this Saturday. Now that I've had my Italian class this week, it's nothing but LIUK (or HMPQ, Her Majesty's Pub Quiz) every night, lunch, and tube ride until Saturday. The ridiculousness of it all ("Date of St Georges Day! Population of Wales! % 1st time voters in 2001! Year women got right to divorce! EEC vs Council of Europe!") inspired me to write my own version of the quiz, focusing on the things that I think are things you need to know, or things that I don't understand. It's pretty funny in my opinion - have a read and let me know what you think.