November 21st, 2012


The allergies, I am so over it; review of A Winter's Tale the musical

So the hives carry on, stronger again today, with welts where my sock bands were and a few spots on my face. I've taken some antihistamines but clearly I need to go to the doctor. I don't really know how to do allergy management; I just wish I knew what the fuck was setting me off and I have no idea how to find out as nothing about my life has particularly changed. Except for, you know, the fact that I am itchy and covered in welts and worried about my throat swelling up and can't think straight.

I had a hellish meeting yesterday - normally 2 hours but magically expanded to 3 1/2 and after an hour in the antihistamine wore off, the room started to feel really warm and my skin was crawling. Man. It also meant I got a late start going to the Almeida to see Dark Earth, Light Sky but I did managed to get back to my desk in time to finish my review of A Winter's Tale which I must call "the musical" for so it is. Hurray for original musicals; boo for them taking all of the Shakespeare out and not replacing it with something anywhere near as good. But I was pleased I actually got reviewers comps for this: that makes twice this month. Just need to get on a few more lists and I'll be set!


So I'm trying a bunch of antihistamines to see what can bring down the inflammation, preferably without making me groggy all day. Here's the results so far.

I've tried:
A's Cetrizine Hydrochloride. Is supposed to work for 24 hours. Maybe helps for 2. May do nothing. Haven't taken any today
L's Phenergan/promethazine: knocks me the f**k out. Can't tell if it helps with the swelling and itching. Took one at 11 PM and I certainly woke up much worse than when I went to bed but I slept great. Can't take during the day at all due to soporific effect.
Fexofenadine hydrochloride: prescribed by the doctor, can't tell if it helps at all. Supposed to be 24 hours but I can't prove it based on results. Potentially tiring but I'm going to experiment to see if it helps (at 2 PM today).
Loratidine: says one pill works all day. Took one at 8 AM today and saw no improvement whatsovever.
Benadryl with "acrivastine:" this says you can take up to 3 day day. I took one at 11 AM and to be honest I'm not seeing a damn thing right now.

Oddly it's my friends butterbee and eglantinedreams who have done so much to make me aware that drugs work differently on different people, thus I'm recording my experiments here for other people's commentary. Can anyone think of any different medicines I ought to be trying?

Tomorrow I am getting an urgent GP appointment and I think I might be referred to a specialist AND get some other antihistamines. Depressingly the literature I read today said 60% of hives breakouts are just never diagnosed, so I could be one of these people. Really, I thought I hadn't been under stress for the last week, so I wouldn't have thought I was going to start getting worse again. And while being itchy and on fire doesn't seem like a big deal, it's the part where the rash spreads to my face, my eyes swell up and my throat gets tight that I'm actually really worried about - this could apparently do me in if it gets really bad. I'll consider swollen face my flag of bad things coming and will be at the doctor immediately if this happens again.

Otherwise ... waiting, medicating, and hoping. By the way if any of you ever have cat problems when you come to visit again, I promise you I can offer you ANYTHING that might help.