November 22nd, 2012

Sea dragon

Review, "Love's Comedy," Orange Tree Theater

I went last night to see a modernized adaptation of Medea at the Richmond Theater, and BOY IT ROCKED. I sat up in the cheapie cheapie seats for ten quid in the back of the 2nd circle but after about 10 minutes I didn't care about the angle or the bits of the stage that were cut off, because the whole thing was TOTALLY AMAZING. Medea and Jason were English, she was living in some kind of maisonette in the suburbs, the chorus was her nosy neighbors, Jason was getting married to the landlord of their building (who was evicting Medea). She was a career woman who was just too clever to be well-liked. There was a song in which the entirely of David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" played while she basically had a breakdown in the kitchen and WOW WOW WOW.

I'll try to write it up soon, but what I do have now is the review for an Ibsen play that's being done a few streets away, "Love's Comedy." One hit, one miss, but I had to tell you quickly so you have a chance to see the hit! AND Medea is only 90 minutes long so plenty of time to get back to London from Richmond. :-)

Urticaria (hives)

So apparently I'm allergic to feeling bullied, betrayed, backstabbed, and abandoned. The price I will pay for this allergy is up to four more weeks of welts and exhaustion. The cure is to avoid stress and any even slightly tight-fitting clothing (even socks are leaving huge marks that take days to go away). With luck it will resolve itself and stay out of my face and throat while it's working itself out of my system. Nothing can be done about the exhaustion in the next few weeks; it's caused by my body, and not the antihistamines.


I've got a prescription for some new antihistamines. Apparently finding one that works is a bit hit or miss. The doctor gave me a prescription for desloratedine so I'll try that next.


I know the bullying I got from C & R & M messed me up. It's why I left Seattle. I've been trying to fix myself for 7 years now, and I do believe I'm a worthwhile human being now, which I did not when they were through with me. And I've gone to counselling, but after six months he told me I was basically okay. I'm just so unhappy that all of this shit I've tried so actively to get away from and deprogram myself from the toxic waste dump it left inside my head still has a grip on me. I think it would all have been easier if I felt like there was someone I could really rely on to have my back, but I don't, and that's the way things are, and I'm exhausted and easily made sad and this all just sucks and I hope it doesn't start causing problems for me at work, being sick and without energy and not able to think all the time.


Heart update

So I went into the doctor the first time for the hives on Monday November 12th, when my face was swollen up. I had my BP done: it was 130/90. Not bad for me.

Today I saw a different doctor and as she was about to take my blood pressure she asked me if I knew what had stressed me out. I started telling her about Rachel moving to London, then thought, "Hmm, normally I do relaxing thoughts, this isn't the way to go." BP: 140/107. Highest diastolic reading since Jason moved out. NOT GOOD. I wasn't able to get it below 101 for a second reading; then I gave up. I was too tired to stay any longer anyway.

(Note: BP not this high since I was working at Betfair.)