November 30th, 2012


Reviews: Constellations, Quimeras

So, I'm not well but I'm still going out: seeing shows does not stress me out, it cheers me up. Best of the lot is Quimeras, a fusion of African drumming and dance with Flamenco music and dance that worked better than it had any right to. It was positively joyous (and was a great bday present for Ms dreamsewingmiko if I do say so myself). It is on until Saturday: don't miss it.

Another show I managed to see is Constellation, a show about relationships as seen through the eyes of different worldviews of physics. It's explained in my review in more details. It's a bit of a weepie but nice and short and pretty great.

I also saw, for free courtesy of the Almeida's blogger's program, a play about Robert Frost and, er, an English war poet. It was meh - good on poetry but not an enthralling play.

Signed off for at least one week

So the doctor signed me off for a week (though she said 2) today. I am to avoid all stress ,which she said means: work, my husband, and Facebook. I really never thought I'd be told by a doctor to stay off of social media before; it's really kind of funny.</p>

I'll be going in for bloodwork on Tuesday (which she expects will find nothing) and a recheck on Friday, at which 1) I may be signed off for another week (which I won't take if work puts me on statutory sick pay, which will halve my income for the month) and 2) she expects we'll discover it's just an ordinary case that will resolve itself with no stressors to cause it to flare up again.