December 2nd, 2012


illness update

Having to explain to my boss and to HR how ill I was and that I needed time odd to recover, and how bad off I'd been while at work the last 2 weeks had me shivering by the end of the day and covered with welts nearly as bad as the day I first went to the doctor - only somewhat on my face, but just horribly on my arms and legs. I really hope by tomorrow this will cool down - any breakout seems to take 6 plus hours to come on (as, I imagine, the adrenaline works its way out of my system) then about 48 hours to flatten, darken, then finally fade away. Also was given a prescription for an antihistamine that works for me (fluoxetine, I think) but in a dose I can take twice a day. Next week I have a blood test on Tuesday and a followup with the doc to review the results  Friday. As a bonus I'm getting a test on Thursday ... the Life in the UK test. So, really, I've got a full week ahead of me ,and I'm hoping that in seven days, that while I won't be healthier per se, that I will have reduced my stress enough that I'm not one giant welt. Doc says I have three more weeks to go so must be patient.