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I dreamed last night J and I moved back to Phoenix, to a three bedroom flat near campus. We were going to rent two of the bedrooms out. The room we were going to use was a bizarre plastic inset with the shower, bath, jacuzzi and bed areas all marked in it. J was planning on going back into lighting design full time and told me his dad totally approved and his old friend Kyle was going to set him up. I sure had no desire to go back into the coffee business and wanted to know if J didn't, say, want to do anything to make money. "That SEO thing was going pretty well for you back in London," I said. He just gave me a dirty look.

We had a bird again, a cockatiel, with the gray feathers typical of the only color I usually see in dreams. And I had a horrible bicycle with broken pedals (unsurprising given that I didn't have a car for most of the ten years I lived in Tempe).

I woke up yesterday with my throat tight and congested as hell and called work to say I was going to work from home. I did actually manage two one hour meetings and a twenty minute phone conference - and I read some test plans - but at one point I was exhausted and fell asleep for almost two hours. So obviously I was pretty sick. Today I'm just congested with my nose running. I'll be going into work.
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