January 10th, 2013

Christmas tree

Surprise good news at work

So today there was a leadership meeting (which is below a board meeting) at work, and in the midst of all of the talk about possible new clients and money and plans for the future, my boss's boss did "What we've accomplished this month" and my test automation project was the NUMBER ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT. I didn't even realize he knew it had finished up! Needless to say, I was really, really pleased.

Not as good was the fact that from about 1:30 at work I was so exhausted I about needed to be propped up with a stick. I suspect I probably should be on reduced hours still but I can't really get by with the cut to my paycheck. I struggled to make it until five and then all but ran out the door to go collapse at home.

Very nicely, tonight was "Katie Bolognese" night, when my roommate made me her specialty dish. So I didn't have anything to do once I got home but find spices and set the table. Once dinner was done, we played some board games (I can't believe it's been so long since I played Chez Geek that I've forgotten many of the game details, and God knows where the rules are) and drank wine. We stopped at ten but for now we are sitting companionably across the living room from each other, fiddling around on the internet and reading.

I did have a bit of a breakout again today at 5 when I read something on the internet that upset me, and I think I broke out about three times yesterday (I went to see J's play strictly because I wanted to surreptitiously hold hands with him during the show to try to bring my anxiety levels down - the crap about the doctor's office pretending I'd "missed" an appointment really screwed my head up) - but I'm recovering much faster than I used to be, and my face hasn't been swelling up too much the last few days. If only I could get my energy back. I feel like I can now "maintain" this in terms of the itching and swelling (no more scratching my leg off in the middle of the night - well, just once this last week), but I hate that I have no energy at all.