January 15th, 2013


Hanging with the roommate

Last night (after an awful day and extremely at work - histmanes jetting off through the roof and got very dizzy on the way back home) I spent the evening hanging out with my roommate, who'd not gone to Zoomba for some reason. Now, I'd been thinking, "Oh, Pilates! Monday is the beginning mat class!" but in retrospect it's probably good I left work too late to go as I would have been on the floor of the tube waiting for emergency services and making all of the other commuters angry with me.

Anyway, she reheated the leftover bolognese sauce from last week (it had been in the freezer), I provided salad, and once dinner was eaten it was tequila sunrises and Puerto Rico. Amusingly (doubtlessly because I DID help her, i.e. saying "And now you should probably look at buying a big building as you have enough money!") she one, 79 to 66 (I only had one big building ... wait ...) oh NO the actual score was 59 to 66, I WON but I'd had too much to drink to realize I'd written down a 2 instead of a 1! I was wondering how I'd outshipped her and got 8 for my one large building ... wait, I did my math wrong too ... it was actually 59 to 56. So she still won. Man, so lesson one is BE CAREFUL DOING MATH AFTER DRINKING TEQUILA and lesson two is HAVING A COOL ROOMMATE IS REALLY AWESOME. I was impressed she was even willing to learn how to play it and we had a great evening, then afterwards she WASHED ALL OF THE DISHES which was great because I was exhausted.

Also, I'm thinking the helper drugs I got to go with the antihistamines are really helping as my breakouts are ending much quicker - just a little bit of welting on my thighs at the end of the night, not bad at all. And now for a morning of WFH while I wait for my 1PM doctor's appointment.

A few reviews: Fair Em, Snow White, Get Aladdin

My theater going has taken a real hit since the New Year, as I vowed not to buy any more tickets until I'd actually gotten well. That said, I still had some tickets bought back in December when I thought I'd be returning to a healthy me in January, and I have managed to get all of them reviewed (except for the ballet I saw - but if I'm only seeing one show a week, I probably ought to be looking at reviewing ballet more actively again).

Best of the bunch was Get Aladdin (it's a pun), the panto traditionally produced at the now-defunct "Above the Stag" pub theater/gay bar. I'd been trying to see it for two years; this year I finally made and was really wowed by its camp outrageousness and very timely political jokes. It was just the thing to pick up my spirits.

Occasionally funny but mostly limp was Priscilla Presley's turn in Snow White at the New Wimbledon Theater. I have generally found their productions dull and this was no exception - however, I'll never miss a chance to see this particular panto done elsewhere as the talent contained in the seven dwarves about blew me out of my seat.

Setting a new low in "cringe theater" was Fair Em at the Union Theater, which may have been a historical play but should never have been revived in my book. I think they worked hard to try to make something of it, and it was, you know, a fringe venue, but ultimately it was one for the completists only.

At this point in time I have NO tickets booked for ANYTHING which is a sad and shocking state of affairs but a good thing for my wallet after the hit my paycheck took from work deducting my sick time from my salary. Fortunately I do have a free show coming from the Almeida on a blogger's night: Turn of the Screw. Never seen it before, don't know anything about it, and it's FREE. Oh, wait, actually I have another show I booked two months ago and forgot about AND I'm going to see a matinee of Phantom of the Opera with lucybond and cavalorn and will FINALLY get to meet their daughter after all of these years of reading about her. I'm actualy kind of excited about it: I've never taken time off work to see a play before!
Jasper Morello


I dreamed last night of a turtle, caught in a bowl of water, swimming around helplessly. He'd lost his shell and I knew he wasn't safe if I let him out of the bowl, but I didn't think he could live very long.

I'm pretty sure this was my subconscious trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what.

Went to the allergy specialist today: was already worn out before I got there. Had to go into work. Thought I was going to slip under the table during a meeting; got more mumbly and incoherent and bad; then thought I was going to faint on the platform while waiting for the tube. Spent the evening almost entirely on the couch at home; had dinner cooked for me.

My lesson: need to eliminate the rest of the stress from my life so I can get better. With luck this will be over by the end of February. I can't believe how everything in my life seems to have turned upside down since this started, how I've got a much closer view of who my friends are and whose just there for the good times. And, as ever, how people say, "Oh gosh, if only I knew you weren't doing well I would have been there to help" but then it turns out that people actually don't want to do that if you need help for more than a few days. I think I'll have bid goodbye to a lot of friends since this illness started; but as many people have said, in fact I've really just become much clearer about who my real friends are.

Now to spend a minimum of a month mostly at home keeping quiet and trying to get well in a nice, supportive atmosphere. I think I can do it. I just need to be patient.