January 21st, 2013


Allergy tracking

Today: ran out of energy at 1:30 but not catastrophically until around 4 PM. And will make it home okay (it's now 5:30) but very worn out.

Some talking about stuff that I think was probably stressful for me. I'm not in a happy place right now and talking about it apparently gets the histamines activated. This is irritating because I don't know how to solve my problems other than talking about them. Bit of a vicious circle, really.

Taking it easy tonight but I'm going to go see the Rocky Horror Picture show LIVE tomorrow anyway. :-)

Laughed out loud while reading a Terry Pratchett book at lunch today. I liked that.

LATER: some welts on my thighs, feet somewhat prickly (not the cold, really!) and very tired all night. Feeling more mentally settled after talking to noirem and hoping tomorrow will be even better.