January 30th, 2013


Review: Port

I managed to make it to opening night of Port at the National Theater on Monday - my first show of 5 in seven days. Am I really seeing that many? A puppet show Saturday, this on Monday, Turn of the Screw last night, a matinee (and half day) to see Phantom with lucybond and cavalorn and their daughter tomorrow, then The Captain of Köpenick on Friday ... actually it all sounds like a bit much but two of the shows were free and my energy levels have been improving so I think it's going to be fine, and I had NO idea when I bought the tickets for the shows I'm seeing later this week that I wasn't going to be 100% in January.

At any rate: I found Port insufferable (click for my review), with utterly unsympathetic characters and a lack of plot Who knows, life in Stockport might be interesting to you: it did not work for me. Turn of the Screw was damned good, though, entertainment in its purest form (review to follow). Meanwhile, Pinocchio was ... wooden. Oddly I found myself thinking of a red headed young girl I know when I was watching this play ... made me miss her.

More reviews will follow: work's been busy so not really any time to write, at least not until the final bell. And for tonight, it's bedtime.