February 2nd, 2013


Time for some new user icons

I had this idea last night, of an image I could put on business cards to introduce people to me as a writer of theater reviews and SF comedy, and I thought of an image of a cowgirl riding, I don't know, a giant squid or something. Maybe an octopus, or a cuttlefish. A Google image search came up with this picture, which wasn't really a cowgirl but only needed a hat. So now I want her redone as a user icon for LJ, but I can't really do the stuff to move the dragon's head backwards so it's closer to her, although I could probably add a hat. But, you know, anyway, it's not really a squid there, but it's a nice picture anyway, and the stuff that came up when I looked up the artist (Willy Pogany) was pretty cool.

Then at some point I wound up geeking around on some pathetic low rent version of a Gigapet website only it was "grow your own dragon or something" and then I wound up getting an egg. Sad, really. Adopt one today!
Geeky, for sure. But, you know, when it grows I can ride it. :-D

Work was hard, hard, hard today, I can't remember taking a break but I know I sad down and ate a burrito because it was dripping too much to get on my keyboard. But I came in at 10 and left some time after 7 because there was just too much damned stuff to do today, meetings after meetings, and I am trying to do some stuff to change the process of what we are doing but, man, it's like telling people you need to break their jaw to fix their teeth, these people are really seriously thinking maybe they can just live with getting dentures. And I was tired, tired from stress most of the day, and I cancelled the theater tickets I had for tonight so I could make it a short night, just one drink at my friend Andrew's new piano singalong night in Vauxhall, I really, really needed to go and show my support because he's been so kind to me even though I've been such a drag lately, and ...

Well my goodness didn't I get a second wind, I wound up performing three times, brought the house down with my "When You're Good to Mama" (I'd say second best performance of the night but the ukelele duet of "Ukelele Mama" was really just great), and all but closed down the bar and most certainly got home after midnight.

Never quite got shadowdaddy to sing a song, but I can just tell he'll be doing his version of "Just a Gigolo" next time we go.

So I'm home now and TOTALLY tired and bed soon. Easy day mostly tomorrow, I think. I must get in some writing!