February 8th, 2013

Sea dragon

Still fighting this illness

Spent yesterday worn out all day - no mental crash at work, thank goodness, but just worn out and was struggling to make it through Tango Fire, even though Gwa was good company. I was just too tired. It's so irritating to just have no energy for something as stupid as a fight with an internet service provider. I decided I am going to write everything up that I have experienced so anyone else who has this happen to them can get some guidance as I received so very much useless "advice" over the last three weeks (resting doesn't make me any better and no vitamin supplements make a bit of difference). First helpful note: find an antihistamine that works. I had no idea people's responsiveness to antihistamines was so varied and there was a lot of experimentation required.

At any rate, tonight J and I are going to watch the little boats in the Canary Wharf basin then I finally get to see his new house. Should be a cool night!

In dragon news, I now have a Valentine's day egg, but I need to get my "old eggs" cleared off before I can fit any new ones in. Here's the Valentine's egg (there are more different types):Adopt one today!

but this is the one I need to have hatch so I can make room for more!
Adopt one today!