February 13th, 2013

Sea dragon

Continuing dragon obsession

Well, it's 10:30 AM, I'm at work with coffee, and what am I doing? DRAGON FARMING.

Feeling pleased that my vampire dragon looks like it's not going to, um, die a second death
Adopt one today!

Proud that my little pygmy stone hatchling has finally grown wings
Adopt one today!

And wondering WHEN WHEN WHEN the last of my Valentine's eggs is going to hatch!
Adopt one today!

Had a great time at the ballet with shadowdaddy last night - but Marguerite and Armand is just too, too sad. Much better as a ballet than as La Traviata in my book - for some reason half an hour of people being totally overemotional seems more doable to me than three hours.

Still not at 100% but I'm fighting back

So today I did two VERY different things.

One is that I finished up my review of Mike Daisey's The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs (now playing at the Waterloo East Theater). I really liked Daisey's first piece, about working at Amazon.com, and I was really excited to see him continue to engage with the tech industry as a semi-comic monologuist. And, let's admit, I've got a chip on my shoulder about Apple. I've got a chip about Microsoft, too, but I really thought this was an important spoken work that I really wanted to see in person, ideal for Katy's friend Alan if only I knew how to tell him he should go.

I also decided to, er, man up and submit a paper for a conference after reading about a truly horrible incident of trolling done to a female speaker at a tech conference. It's not true that I don't submit because I'm afraid of people posting naked pictures of me on the internet (there aren't any) or harassing me in other ways (I get that just fine in my personal life and don't like it at all), but something about what she wrote maybe think I ought to take my fearless, perhaps naive self, and get out there and represent for my gender. In truth, I haven't been submitting because I've been working for companies that haven't had the money to send me anywhere to speak; but maybe this year will be different. At any rate, I whipped out an outline of a talk I've been wanting to give on how to develop leaders in your team, and I'm hoping that it's accepted, though not very hopeful since, well, I had to do it REALLY QUICKLY because the deadline is, er, today. But I did it, I submitted a paper for one of the big international test conferences. So I tried, and I need to remember to actually WRITE MY TALK UP, because even if they don't accept me, I could give it locally or maybe at another conference.

Woo go me. And two more of my dragons grew up, so all in all my geek credentials are at 100% today. If only I didn't feel so lonely I'd almost say I was having fun today.