February 14th, 2013

Sea dragon

The good stuff (if you look at the good stuff)

So while my immune system is really fucked up, if you look at it on the positive side, I have made it for six weeks now without having a cold. Admittedly over the November - February time period I had one cold for at least three weeks, which isn't great, but since it's cold season, I think not being sick since the last cold ended is pretty darned good. Now if only that will hold until things finish reregulating, since I can't take any more paid sick time from work for a while (I'm guessing until July).
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Health update: sleeping poorly (fairly stressed), mild outbreaks three or four of the last seven days. It's now entirely stress related, I think, and no more just random shooting off. My energy levels are very improved but if I have a major stress incident I am wiped out for all of the next day. This has killed my last two weekends. I really need my life to be less stressful but I do not see how I can take the hand of cards I'm playing right now and make it any better on a really quick basis; maybe I can do fifty-two pickup tonight and things might be better for a day or two but ... it's all very unpromising right now.
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Also, I'm finding the lack of holiday to a sunny destination irritating, given the night temperatures have been near freezing and my house loses heat like a champion sprinter. Normally I would have gone to Madeira or Spain or something, but I was too sick to make plans. On the other hand, I wasn't really up for traveling, but I'm tired of the cold and brutally damp (snow, sleet) weather. Can I say the positive is that I've been doing a good job at saving money? Still waiting for the refinance to come through on the home place so I can look at buying a house in London ...

And I got another new egg today, a Valentine's special. This was, actually, the thing I was most looking forward to about today, which means I've really gone down the rabbit hole on this game. Adopt one today!