February 27th, 2013


Review - How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found – New Venture Theater, Brighton

So, in support of Miss eglantinedreams, I went to Brighton to see How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found at the New Venture Theater on Sunday. I was actually shocked at what a cool play it was and I really enjoyed myself. It was some combination of Death of a Salesman and kind of Being John Malkovich (or maybe Incident at Owl Creek Bridge for you literary types) - a very modern view of a mental breakdown, but about far more than just that. My review is here - it runs for one more week and I wish them full houses for the rest of the run.
Sea dragon

Jumping the gun - pinned

One of my three things for today is going to have to be that I found my gold Victorian riding crop pin today, at work, on the windowsill near where the coats are kept. HOORAY! Of all of the things I've lost this winter, I felt most genuinely sad about that. Losing my gloves, hats, and sweater just made me feel pathetic.
Sea dragon

Two more things

2. I went to the opening night party for Retz' new production of The Trial and I was told I was a VIP and got special treatment! This included a special identity card and tickets to the show next week. I'm just a lowly blogger, to be treated like I was something special by real artists was great.
3. Lovely visit with Sophie tonight afterwards.