March 4th, 2013


"I know I'm not lovable"

I forgot that one of the other side effects of being sick is that it just often makes me look really, really ugly. It's not just the pufferfish face (that seems clearly an allergic/histamine reaction and gets pity and concern) but when the blotches are actually on my face I look like I have some kind of nasty infectious disease. So when I say I'm really unattractive right now, I mean that normal human beinsg shy away from me because, when I'm visibly sick, they worry that they can catch something from me.

So, yeah, got the makeup caked on today.

Progress on conference paper

Well, per this blog post, the papers that were submitted for Eurostar (the test conference in November) are now being evaluated.

I sure hope my paper ("Don't Accept the Status Quo: Building Leadership in Your Test Team") gets accepted, not so much because I really want to talk again (I do), but because I feel really motivated to represent for female leadership in the tech community. Cause, you know, I'm totally normal, I'm not a geek at all, but I do have a fanatical devotion to the London theater scene and a slight interest in tulip breeding.

I also hope, upon examining the statistics in Mr. Bolton's post, that the fact that I wanted to NOT speak about Agile or automation will work in my favor.
Sea dragon

Three good things for Monday (no health report today)

Today at work I basically did nothing brainful but occasionally checked to see if any speckle throated dragons were available. I did, however, manage to get my tickets for the show tonight exchanged ... but I'm breaking into my three good things.

1. I got my tickets for tonight's show exchanged from the 9:10 show to the 6:40 show, which means that I was having a nice Chinese food dinner with shadowdaddy at 8 PM instead of still waiting for the show to start.
2. I felt really centered after dinner in a way that makes me feel hopeful about finally getting my body calmed down enough to get better.
3. I looked up my holiday calender at work and I have enough holiday for J and I to do a kayaking holiday in Oban at the end of June. I don't think we'll get to travel all of the summer otherwise because of his show schedule, so I'm really pretty excited about this and I'll start planning it tomorrow. :-)

And my roommate cast on my owl sweater while I was out tonight.

Er. Um. That's really enough for today, right? I'm going to bed feeling happy and these days that's more than enough.

LATER: RAH! Adopt one today!