March 6th, 2013


Review: In the Beginning was the End

Normally my reviews are focused on my experience, but for In the Beginning was the End I had to focus on the horrible, horrible behavior of the teenaged girls that were watching it with me. I understand that when you're sixteen you haven't seen a lot of opposite sex naked bodies: but their response was so hysterical and juvenile it made me feel bad for the actors.

I went to see this show primarily because I wanted to see more of Somerset House, but really, the evening was pretty much ruined because of these ninnies.
Sea dragon

You start from the bottom and then you take one step up

Apparently someone noticed that I actually lost the ability to speak coherently at work yesterday but fortunately the word didn't get out. My God I work with some really nice people. And I can't believe that my good today was merely that I made it until 5 o'clock and was able to talk and get work done the whole time but it is an improvement over yesterday and I can't deny it. With luck maybe I can actually ACCOMPLISH something this week rather than just sitting there quietly hoping nobody notices that I'm totally fucked up and not able to get any work done. Nearly screwed myself up by going to look at something online that probably would have stressed myself out again but went, "Oh, wait, you've been okay for about 8 hours, this isn't actually soemthing you should try to mess with, why don't you just step away from that computer?" So I did and decided to dedicate my evening to sitting at home, drinking wine and playing cards with my roommate. I made us a nice spaghetti dinner, too.

So as we sat there playing Cthulu Fluxx, this card came up called "Bohemian Rhapsody," which meant, of course, we had to start singing. Now she has convinced me that what my Great American Play needs is for all of the characters to suddenly burst into a round of "Bohemian Rhapsody" but with the words changed to matched the ridiculous relationship of my dad & his two brothers. "I'm just your old dad, nobody loves me"/"He's just your old dad/always pleading poverty/Blows cash online and leaves nothing for tea" (only works in the English sense of tea = supper so obv still need to work on the lyrics). Anyway, operation eat dinner, drink wine, and play games with Katriona Robertson is being a huge success, she likes MY pasta and the wine I brought back from my trip with Amy Heinen is going over a treat.

So I have way more to be grateful for today than I did yesterday.
1. The people that work for me have totally got my back.
2. I was able to figure out on my own that the reason my new phone (not the wrong one I bought, which was a regular Desire and not the Z with the pop out keyboard) wouldn't work is because the date wasn't synched (not sure why it wasn't doing that automatically). I guess Google doesn't accept calls from 1980.
3. My hat! My beautiful hat! Of all of the things I've lost this winter, I finally found the one I missed the second most, which had disappeared under my desk at work and hidden itself in a bag of gym clothes I have hiding under my desk. So I have my lovely black wool hat from Bologna back!

So: woke up with some spots, neck got a bit red at the end of the day, but face now totally okay and me in general looking good, plus nice & relaxed and a bit silly. Anyway, now to find some new dragons before the night is over and to finish reading The Rachel papers.