March 8th, 2013


Is it spring yet?

Went to a lovely concert by the Tallis Scholars in St Paul's cathedral last night. My roommate and I had cheap cheap little seats way off on the side but a beautiful view of the church. They sang two premieres (Eric Whitacre's Sainte-Chapelle" and "Ave dei Patris filia" by Gabriel Jackson) plus a hauntingly beautiful Arvo Part and the lovely, lovely Tallis Spem in Alium (the 40 part jobbie). I couldn't help wishing Chris and Virginia were there, nor remembering sadly the last time I went to see this group, with Richard back in December. I wonder if he'll take himself to see things like this anymore.

Yesterday morning I noticed the birds had finally found the bird feeder - three months after I bought it, while deeply deeply ill and thinking it would be nice to be able to have a little entertainment through my windows, since I was spending so much time just being at home - and this morning I was awakened, not by the radio, but by birds singing. So spring is getting much more official. I went outside to change the seed, and it was positively mild. I couldn't help noticing the garden was yearning for a bit of a clean-up; maybe I can entice shadowdaddy over here on Sunday to work on that. Snow's not due again until Monday so there's hope the mild weather will hold a bit longer.

Today: a band of welts from my trousers at the waistline, boo, plus spots down my legs and my feet swollen and itching like mad. Really frustrating; I'm hoping it doesn't mean that I suddenly go flat at work this afternoon.