March 18th, 2013

Sea dragon

I'll take happy

I caught myself feeling genuinely happy tonight as I cooked up tacos for my roommate. No idea why, but I'm not one to question a good mood when I could enjoy it instead.

1. Not only did I catch a rare gold dragon today (a gold dragon egg), but I achieved an award for having fifty dragons, meaning I could now have 5 eggs at a time instead of 4! Bonus points because this happened during a really dreadfully boring meeting and I very much had to restrain my glee.
Adopt one today!
2. Was getting a lot of guff today about some defects that had been sitting in the dev queue for 7 days (while we sent emails, sent status reports, IMed people, and made several personal visits, and still couldn't get traction, this is of course the QA problem), and in said boring meeting the dev lead actually admitted he had dropped the ball. WOW.
3. Tacos. Yum. Then Chthulu Fluxx. Roommate won two out of three times. We painted our nails while we were playing using the James Bond nailpolish set from OPI I'd bought her and the funky red/green/purple stuff lucybond gave us the hot tip on last week.

Not sure what to do for the rest of the evening - I could read Northanger Abbey, write up one or two of the flamenco shows I've been to in the last two days, or maybe start on my play. Or do two or even three of these things. But I do, do really want to get to bed at 10:30 for a change.

Got a really odd red blotch on my face at about 5:30 at work today - no idea why. Wasn't too dizzy in particular but noticed I am a bit off still. Some red patches on legs so upped dose might be wearing off already - however, with stress levels low, my energy levels are good, so a little bit of looking odd isn't too bad in my book.

Reviews: Mies Julie and Old Times

Well, there's nothing like revisiting a show that you loved ... and finding it tepid. Old Times kicked off my whole Harold Pinter obsession, but the version I saw on Tuesday made me glad it was short (and I'd only paid 10 quid).

On the other hand, for a mere 20 pounds, Mies Julie at Riverside Studios blew me away. It was sexy and it was twisted and somehow setting it all in modern South Africa made it so much better than the ones set in the old class society of the Victorian era in Europe. You think it's just the freaky play with the foot fetish scene; and then you see it can be so much more. Strindberg is such the expert at showing how horrible people can be to each other, and this production showed his psychological insights to their best (or worst) advantage. Unmissable.

And now to write some flamenco reviews ...