April 1st, 2013

Sea dragon

I am going to make an effort to do three good things

So this week has been not good. But today was good, with a slow stressful start as I was way too exhausted and worried that I was backsliding. However, it turns out I was just tired due to the time change, mostly, and not really having had quite enough sleep.

1. I woke up and was actually hungry (for only the second time in a week) and J obliged by making me bacon and poached eggs on toast. It was his homemade bread so that was extra good.
2. We went and had an Easter roast at a pub near his house. The lamb was delicious and we made friends with the waitress, an American girl named Aurora who has just been told by UKBA that she needs to leave the country. Her British husband can stay but he's not making enough money for HER to be able to stay even though they're both working.
3. J and I got to see the dinosaurs in Crystal Palace. It was the first time ever for me. I wanted to call lolliepoppster and tell her how excited I was.
4. Although we failed to get to the TKTS office before they closed at 4:30 PM, we still got some ultra cheap tickets to see Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev perform in Don Quixote at the London Coliseum tonight, and it was AWESOME. I gasped, I cheered, I laughed, it was possibly the best dancing I will ever see in my life.
5. Afterwards I made it to the Tube and realized I'd left my nice black pashmina under my seat. We went back ... and someone had just turned it in to lost and found.
6. J and I came back to Toot Suite and had hot chocolate and made plans for April, and he told me how much he's enjoyed spending so much time with me the last week, and that made me happy, especially because I have not been particularly fun, but he's enjoyed my company anyway. "It was the kind of opportunity I couldn't have imagined every having again even just a few months ago." Aw!

Unfortunately I let my Tate membership expire without managing to see the Lichtenstein exhibit, so I'm not sure what we're going to be doing tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be something fun.
Sea dragon

Easter Monday

J and I spent a lot of time this weekend making Toot Suite look pretty and now we're at the Crystal Palace Independent Living Lab unrolling a carpet we brought over from the house in Seattle and making his living room look all decorated. He made me pizza from scratch, too, so we're having a good night and being all domestic. And I'll be seeing him again tomorrow. An entire week together ... what a good thing it's been!


I've also set his house with a few games so he's now nicely set up for a house warminglette this Saturday. I can't wait to play Lunch Money again ... it's been years! (My old best friend wouldn't play it so it's been gathering dust for a while. Too many bullying flashbacks, I suppose ... or maybe they had once gone to a Catholic girls' school.)