April 9th, 2013

Sea dragon

The wellness plan. Actually ,the "I'm just trying to survive this" not-plan

Another great "thing" about urticaria: getting blisters around your legs because your socks are elasticized (and your legs are swollen up ... because of the urticaria). It's great.


Went to Pilates at the Y with J - first time we've been together in ages. I thought he might enjoy it and a workout buddy is a real motivator for me to go out, and it turned out to be a good thing he'd agreed to go, because by the end of the day I was grumpy and tired and just wanted to go home. (I forgot my wallet at home and had to walk all the way home from the Tube this morning. Cue 30 minutes late for work.)


I could see that I'd built up a little bit of muscle since the last time, but my glutes were still weak. One exercise, called something like a leg stretch, involved pulling yourself up by your arms into a sort of reverse pushup position (plank) balancing on your toes, then lifting up one leg at a time without your butt dropping. I found this nearly impossible.


Overall, though, it was a good session and I'm glad I went. With luck, I'll be back on Thursday.