April 15th, 2013



Spent some time with J in the back yard, making use of the sunshine to do some gardening - in this case, a spring clean.

We, of course, continued talking about everything (or "stuff"), and we got around to some really weird things from back in, oh, 1995, and he said, "Why would you ever stay with me if I was so fucked up back then?"

And I said, "Well! Because I love you! You're a really special person and I figured we'd just work through it."

Anyway, nearly twenty years later, and we still continue to spend time working through it. Every person out there is always evolving, and no one will ever be perfect, but you find you love them (and they love you) anyway, in spite of your and their imperfections. It's really just how it works.

My Cretan tulips are about to bloom and I will post pictures as soon as there up. So excited that it finally got warm!