April 24th, 2013


Review: My Perfect Mind, Halbwelt Kultur, Moby Dick

My mind has not been very perfect in the last month. I realized that I could handle the 1) loss of my job 2) the loss of my home 3) the loss of money 4) losing Richard 5) losing the rest of my friends ...

but I could not handle losing my mind like I did three weeks ago. That was too much to bear. Telling my sister about it on the phone I started crying again; it was the first time she's seen me break down since our mom's funeral. I think she did not like seeing her big sister brought so low.

So I really empathized with the lead character in My Perfect Mind, a play based on the real life experience of Edward Petherbridge, who suffered a stroke two days into rehearsal for King Lear (which he'd gone to New Zealand to do). The play's actually done by Edward Petherbridge, and he's a treat to watch, and his stories of a life in the theater are really engaging; plus there's lots of King Lear thrown in there. I had to call and call trying to get just one little ticket to see this show last night, but it was absolutely worth the effort, worth the money (under £20!), and worth the time invested (a mere 90 minutes!).

I'm glad it was all so cheery because I've had a lot to be down about the last four months - I feel like shit, I've been treated like shit, and I've had way too much to worry about and zero control over most anything.

More appropriate for a cheery evening out was Halbwelt Kultur, an evening celebrating the Weimar era cabaret scene that I couldn't help but think booklectic (and may others) would have loved. It's over now, though it may come up in a full production (this was a workshop).

Meanwhile, you can still see the simple but excellent Moby Dick at the Arcola Theater. Seriously, anybody who can take you out on the open ocean with three step stools and a plank deserves respect, and it's a mesmerizing show to boot. Do it!