May 16th, 2013

Sea dragon

I used the internet to network socially before they called it social networking

Today I met gwyn_r, friend of emmarytz, at Notes, where we had some wine (cold: rose for me and prosecco for her) and confirmed the fact that we're going to see Hothouse together next week. And she told me she also knows varina8. Boy, LJ may be dead across America, but it is still the glue that holds together my Seattle social circles.

Work, today, was mostly not worth talking about: I'll summarize by saying five hours of meetings and you can draw your own conclusions.

My evening went from Notes to St John's Smith Square where, in the company of my roommate, I heard a wonderful concert of French music from my absolutely favorite era, including a Marais and some ass-kicking harpsichord stuff, and life was good.