May 19th, 2013

Sea dragon

Dragons, running, work

My life has been wrapped up in three things lately: dragons ,running, and work. the dragons ,well, it's a silly game I started playing in January and I'm pretty addicted right now. 5here's going to be a "seven dragons in seven days" event starting Tuesday and I'm trying to get ready for it by collecting 200 dragons before hand (so I can have 6 eggs at a time instead of 5) and by capturing extra red dragons, which you can use to make your eggs hatch faster. The popup ads I have been getting on the website crack me up: no, I do not need an incubator, because my eggs are purely imaginary. I don't need the "dragon" language learning program (I assume like Rosetta stone) either, though I have to say if it actually taught dragon I might consider it. Problem: dragons are still imaginary.


My fun for this week has been going to classical (Baroque) music concerts, five in seven days; I was a little tempted to catch the Saturday afternoon concert but I think I overdid myself a bit during the week anyway, as I went out 5 nights in a row. I don't think I'm really up to those kind of energy levels yet and I kind of collapsed Friday and didn't make it to Brighton as intended to see A's show and wound up sleeping for 12 hours into Saturday.


Work: three more weeks left. Can't wait for it to be done. The stress levels have already dropped tremendously and I'm feeling hopeful that in June I might be able to finally shake the urticaria.


Running: it's the Couch to 5 K program, and, while I'm not actually interested in running 5K, I'm really interested in trying to build myself back up physically (and didn't feel like joining a gym especially when I'm not going to be in Central London for work anymore and am going to need the money for, oh, rent when I'm unemployed). I was planning on taking it slower than the recommended one level per week; I started running April 29 and am just now ready to start level 3 (say maybe on Tuesday). I've been really proud of myself because I haven't given up on any of my runs, but actually completed each of them (even though last Monday, day 2 of level 2, I was ready to throw in the towel). I've also been very consistently running every other day, which is kind of surprising, but I've brought my stuff in to work with me so I can do it on my lunch breaks ,which is turning out to be a great way to burn off work stress (and was especially cheering the day they turned off my log in because our outsourced support company decided to process my leaver paperwork the day it arrived instead of reading the due date). So I have some places where I like running - Lincoln's Inn Fields and Tooting Common - and this morning Jason is going to introduce me to Crystal Palace as a running venue (prior to brunch at the Cafe Latino). Interestingly, this was supposed to be, in part, something we do together ,but we've only actually run together once a week or so; he's doing it before work, and I'm doing my lunchbreaks, but the good thing is that we're both sticking with the program. I suspect he could be progressing much more quickly than I am, but he's keeping it to my level and enjoying not having to work too hard.


Anyway, enough fooling around; it's time for a run.


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