May 29th, 2013

Sea dragon

Easing into another phase of the get healthy program

So ... the "quit my job" phase is going really well, and the "start rebuilding my muscles" phase is in full swing. Next: reducing my meds. A few weeks ago I started taking one less cimetidine a day. Today I am going to take a 180 fenofexadine instead of two 120s (which is "off table" or something, basically going beyond what is recommended but in a safe zone). Last night I didn't take one until 10PM and I wasn't really even itchy - which is pretty much how things were going in Utrecht as well. A few weeks ago the six o clock hour announced itself by my feet starting to swell up almost like they were run by a clock. The last few days: I didn't notice. Maybe a bit of that was that I wasn't waking up itching at 6 AM to take my medicine, so I wasn't running through it by 6 PM. However, this feels really promising. I'm going to see if I can make it through the whole day on the single dose of antihistamines and see how it goes. I am actually a bit worried about how all of this is affecting my liver, so if I can reduce it without having itching fits, I'd really like to.

Also later today: second run in Couch to 5K fourth week program. This one is really hard as it's 16 total minutes of running: but with Jason running next to me, I made it through just fine on Monday. Well, to be honest, the last three minutes were hard work, but he cheered me along and I made it.

Bonus: caught the egg I wasn't able to breed three days ago in the "abandoned" pile (click please): Adopt one today! Yay!