June 10th, 2013

Sea dragon

Day one of no job

Well, in one day I lost four Foursquare mayorships. Just watch as my accomplishments slip away from me!

What I did do today was: get a second interview (a phone screen) set up for Wednesday; go for a run; dishes; get my phone set up so I can take calls internationally; government administrivia (discovered my tax payments have been going to somebody else's National Insurance number; more phone calls will follow tomorrow); and counseling in Southwark with J (I brought a picnic lunch and we ate it together beforehand). Oh yes, and I got the electrical meter reading. Next quarterly bill: 95 pounds. Ouch.

The two 8 minute runs segment of the Couch to 5K are proving very tiring. The next step is supposed to be a 20 minute run and I feel really unready for that. But I'm going to try to do it Wednesday morning depending on the interview timing.

One of my other goals is to write for an hour a day. That's next. But first, tomorrow's goals:
1. Pack for my trip (Wednesday is now too booked to do it)
2. Put teak oil on the garden furniture
3. Buy cat food in Camden.
4. Follow up on the banking job.

Hopefully some gardening and more general cleaning up will happen as well, and I will continue to not panic about things and focus on mental levelness and health. I was less spotty today than I was Sunday morning, but I think going to the counselor set my adrenaline off, if not in a deadly than in an itchy fashion. Tomorrow will tell.