June 13th, 2013

Sea dragon

Hello, very early morning

Yesterday I slept like hell but still managed to do both a 9AM interview and an 11 AM run - not two interviews like I had planned (what's up with flaky recruiters changing times at the last minute anway?). The run was the 20 minutes of jogging segment of the Couch to 5K. I was going to skip doing it due to lack of brain and desire for nap but decided to try anyway, going at a very, very slow pace. And, whaddayaknow, I actually managed to make it through the whole thing at a job, though a very slow one (15 minutes for a mile). Now the program ramps down for the next two segments before doing a 22 minute run, supposedly in three more workouts. I expect I'll do the "two 10 minute runs" twice, though.

Now it's early early and I'm waiting for my taxi to take me to the airport. Two nights of not enough sleep in a row: it's not what I want reallyh.