June 30th, 2013


Today I am trying not to die

So apparently in the middle of the night my urticaria decided to try to kill me by closing off my throat. But I was too stupid to figure out what was going on.

The good news is that the fluid in my lungs had died down so when I was able to get a breath, I was actually getting lots of oxygen in my lungs.

I had forgotten that the doctor had said to beware of the urticaria getting in the throat and I thought I was just getting tonsillitis and my throat was getting tight, but through some good fortune the place we're staying is owned by a doctor and he rushed off to get me some steroids (80 mgs today 60 tomorrow 40 Tuesday) to try to bring it down.

I couldn't swallow or (barely) talk this morning, lips swollen, eye shut, but it's better than it was earlier only my tongue is starting to swell up. The doctor said this is called "Facial edema" (or something like that) and that I must always travel with steroids in case this happens again. And he's going to check in a few hours to see if I am doing better and if not a trip to the hospital may be in order.

This isn't really how I was hoping my vacation would go, not really. But not being dead is better than the other option.

I'm so tired of all this, really. But not enough to want to be dead!