July 11th, 2013


Some very, very good news

FIRST: I woke up and FORGOT TO TAKE MY ANTIHISTAMINES because I wasn't itchy and there was NOT A FUCKING SPOT ON ME. FUCK YEAH.

And I had a STRESS INCIDENT WITH BRAINWEASELS off the sort that would have normally had me swelling up like a pufferfish a few nights back (couldn't fall asleep, woke up and the same panicky thoughts racing around in my brain) and I had NOTHING. Like five spots. That's NOTHING. Go Sertraline. YOU ARE WORKING.
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Second: I got a FUCKING REFERRAL to a specialist FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. It only took EIGHT MONTHS SINCE THIS SHIT HIT ME. Less joy because it's the Friday before the bank holiday but we'd decided last week there was no way we could realistically afford to travel anywhere anyhow because, um, I don't have a job.
Adopt one today!
Third: Dragoncave had two new dragons come out on Sunday but I wasn't quick enough to catch them both on the day of, but someone gave me two of them today. (Please indulge me by clicking on the eggs above.) So I don't have to waste my time online dragon hunting and I can go for a run instead, which I need to do because even though the sertraline is helping, it's causing me this very regular low level anxiety that peaks about two hours after I get up, and I'm finding running is helping me either burn off the adrenaline or get my mind off of it enough for it to just pass, Either way, I'm getting strong AND getting better.

(J, I tried to call and tell you this stuff but I think you were in a meeting. GOOD NEWS THOUGH!)