July 21st, 2013

Sea dragon

Weekend report

This was a very home-focused weekend, in a way I almost normally never do. Basically, we were home ALL WEEKEND LONG (if you don't include Friday when we went to see World's End). I saw it as a must, though, because there was so much unpacking and reorganizing to get done, and it needed to be a team effort.

I got a good start on Friday, with about two hours spent in a dedicated fashion on reworking the bedroom so all of our stuff fit - and not just fake fit, but that it was clean and everything was put away. Result!

It's really never that clean, but, well, maybe it will stick for a while - I moved the winter bedding and some extra towels into a really large suitcase, along with some clothes entirely unsuitable for the warm weather we've been having, and well, WE FIT. When J came home, we relaxed with some barbequed chicken (he did a great job of grilling!), TWO bottles of cold wine (we did share and we didn't finish either bottle), and some pasta with lemon and walnuts and parsley (delish) - then the movie.

Saturday was buckle down day. The living room pile slowly became smaller and smaller - this wasn't really my area to do much on, but I kept busy with kitchen prep and reorganizing - we got halfway through one box in the kitchen but got nowhere near close enough. We also took breaks for running, lunch (lamb chops with creamy spelt and a salad, yum), grocery shopping and then finally dinner, which was J's homemade pizza. Then it was time for cards and the rest of the wine and chilling out.

Sunday (today) was kitchen day, but we made time for a run, lunch (lamb again, with pasta/tomatoes/arugula), and, er, well, I peeled off around 4 for cupcake baking, dishwashing, and making the pisto manchego recipe with all of the tomatoes and zucchini we'd bought yesterday. I can proudly report that the kitchen is now clean (all boxes emptied to boot), the living room is down to three boxes, and between the two of us we caused the end of the universe three times in an hour while playing Cthulu Fluxx. And I caught a silver shimmerscale dragon egg at the end of the evening (please click): Adopt one today!

On the health front, I haven't taken any anti-histamines since Monday. This means the sertraline is really working to control the trigger that sets off my urticaria. The question now: is it beat yet? To be honest, I'd like to quit taking the sertraline, because I think it's been making me prone to having anxiety surges every day, and I really, really don't like them. The running has been helping me deal with them, but I'd like to just not be having them at all, because I would like to get back to work and wanting to crawl under my desk to feel safe is not how I want to be feeling on the job. Plan is that a week from Monday I'll go back to the doctor for a checkup, and hopefully she can give me some clue about when/if I can quit. This time, I'm not just going to stop randomly: I want some advice on how to do this safely.

And a brief note: I've been missing my old friends this weekend. I liked feeling like I had a big support network, and if I'm honest I know it was what I moved here for and I've lost it. So I've been having a sad, and no quantity of cupcakes has been enough to help.

Next week: I am going to art camp. I think it will be good for me to be on a regular schedule after 7 weeks of slacking. Expect updates, with photos.