July 29th, 2013

Sea dragon

Urticaria update

I haven't taken any antihistamines in 15 days.

To me, this seems like nothing short of a miracle.

Now, I still think the urticaria is active (based on the waves of weirdness I feel in my skin when I get stressed out), but this is still massively better that it was. I'm going to go to the doctor this week and will update on how things are going.
Sea dragon

Getting organized for the week

I'm thinking I need some more discipline in my days - maybe some blocked in writing time or something. Today is kind of a mess because of getting back from Inverness so late (stupid Easyjet), but what I need to do is finish an online application for a job (after I applied they said they needed something else done), contact a recruiter who emailed me on Friday, and maybe see about getting a doctor's visit booked. Then later I'm going to see a play.

I'm also thinking about trying to up my running distance. I want (I think I want) to be able to run 5 K; maybe today is the day I should try to do it? I've been able to run 4; I'm not sure if I should aim for the whole thing or just go to 4.5 and try that for a week. Unfortunately I've started to find running really boring and that is beginning to be a problem.