July 30th, 2013


Reviews: Words and Music and The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart

Up there for best play of the year is The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, which somehow took the massive disadvantages of 1) being written mostly in verse and 2) being done in a pub and turned them completely around so that by the end of the night I was feeling positively elated. I think eithin really ought to look into going this, maybe calling about returns or something. I'm a big fan of Royal Court right now for not just doing awesome shows but working to keep them affordable, with $10 mondays and a very nice concessions pricing policy.

A week or so earlier I went with djm4 and shadowdaddy to see Words and Music, the first remounting ever of a 1932 show by Noel Coward. It was a revue, though, and not so much a musical, and while the songs were clever, the format wasn't my cup of tea. That said, you couldn't beat the company. :-)

I've got a lot more plays planned for this week - Titanic the Musical tonight, Midsummers at the Globe Wednesday, and Liola on Thursday, so expect more reviews soon!