August 5th, 2013

Sea dragon

Reviews: Liola, Titanic (the musical), Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens, Lotta Quizeen's "Shelf Life"

The last week has been chock full of theater; I'm back tonight from seeing The Book of Mormon (at last!) which means I am now once again two reviews behind but not four like I was on Sunday. So here's what's been written.

At the Southwark Playhouse is Titanic. I was invited by one of my Twitter theater friends at the last minute and was enticed by it 1) being 10 quid 2) being a European debut 3) being a musical I had not heard before. Verdict: bring on the icebergs sooner. However I got to meet the Guardian theater critic that night and we're supposed to start seeing shows together in September so the night was a big ol' win overall.

Thursday eglantinedreams came down from Brighton and, after settling her in, I buzzed up to the National to see Liola, which is the current offering in their Travellex 12 quid series. Verdict: not just deliciously short but an awesome deal.

Friday I had an utterly brilliant day running around with A that meant in one day we went to see the Academy of Ancient Music (harpsichord) and then went to see Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens, where we met up with another A as well as Marko. We were laughing our heads off and the night was a great success. I want to go back!

Saturday afternoon I went with A to see a cheap matinee of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged (which I haven't had time to write up) then went to see a very odd show, Lotta Quizeen's Shelf Life. It was kind of a combination of stand up comedy and a game show, with audience participation. It was also VERY rude: a man folded a napkin (under her guidance) into a shame that was clearly a penis; there was "club polishing;" and A and I made desserts that were, well, bananas stood on end with cream poured over the tip. My review is here, but with a bit less detail so as not to ruin the jokes.

After Lotta Quizeen A and I went back home and she showed me all of these TV shows that helped explain the background of her performance, specifically Fanny Craddock and, well, Up Pompeii. Then she added in the Clangers so I could be even a little better rounded. We've been having a completely awesome weekend; it's been like an extended slumber party. And she's still here: we went to Highgate Cemetery today and got very rained on. Good times!