August 6th, 2013

Sea dragon

What a brilliant time I've been having!

Life seems to have been very cheerful since my Friday doctor's visit. I know a lot of this is due to having Arwen here; with J gone, she's been sleeping in my room, and it's just been really nice having someone to talk to into the wee hours and to fetch a cup of tea for in the morning. I've been giving her regular backrubs, too, and she says my massages have helped undo her muscle spasms, and that she's actually going to be going home feeling better than when she arrived, and that just makes me feel so, so happy. I am useful! I am a good friend!

We've also been spending a lot of time with Katriona (who will be moving back to Australia soon). She gave me the lovely shawl she knitted for me last night - I feel so loved! It's a beautiful thing made of black cashmere with a tulip pattern knitted into it - perfect for me. I bought the cashmere back when I was a bit more flush, but it was a good investment, really. I asked her to teach me how to knit, and hopefully before she leaves we'll have a bit of time to do that. My goal is to make a brown hat to match the amazing sweater she made for me (with the extra wool).

So what with Arwen and Katy the last three days have been like a giant slumber party, with us having breakfast together (well, Saturday and Sunday), playing games together (Tigris and Puerto Rico and Cthulu Fluxx) and generally enjoying each other's company. And it's been really awesome. I have been feeling really happy and good and life is just suiting me to a T right now.

And I got a call about a job today. It's in Twickenham. We'll see.