August 20th, 2013


Review - Midsummer Night's Dream, Tooting Arts Club

Last week we went to see PILES of plays, but thanks to getting a kitten, I don't seem to be spending much time on my computer. This is fine with me. I also hit some kind of plateau with my dragons, so I'm not spending so much time playing on that website, either.

Shows we saw last week: A Chorus Line, Pipe Dream (a forgotten Rogers & Hammerstein based on Steinbeck's Cannery Row), all-day Henry VI (which has led to much picking of history books to read), A Midsummer Night's Dream. Also done: trip to Hitchcock silent, The Farmer's Wife, at the BFI, and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa at the Clapham Picturehouse; canoeing on the Regent's Canal. The weather has been good so being outside has been nice.

Reviewed: A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Tooting Arts Club. Between having Titania garbed a la Lady Gaga and the Matrix meets Three Stooges choreography for Hermia/Helena's fight scene, this was the funniest Shakespeare I had ever seen. HIGHLY recommended.

And now, I shall disentangle the kitten from my feet and go write for a while in the back yard.