September 1st, 2013

Pink poodle

Reviews: a few from the Edinburgh Fringe; Groove on Down the Road; Book of Mormon

I've been writing at a pretty good clip this week - did a bit on the trains while traveling (and at night), and cranked out a few after I came home. So at last my Book of Mormon review is done, but because the show has been reviewed everywhere, I stuck to the one thing I thought was worth writing about: can you get cheap tickets for it anywhere? The answer is: no, but actually it's really good so it's worth the money. Which I don't have anymore and paying for the tickets I bought was really rather painful, but it was a great night and it left me with a song in my heart and a spring in my step. I'll try to go back via the ticket lottery, because it was AWESOME.
Adopt one today!
I've been singing a lot this weekend - "Just a Gigolo" because I named a dragon something that makes me think of it (it's the one above if you care). I'm in a dragon breeding project where I'm trying to get five generations of summer dragons before the end of the summer dragon breeding season: so far I've made it to four. Actually I think I'm aiming for six generations but, you know, only lucybond has a clue about this silliness so probably best to keep my geekery elsewhere.

Erk, I haven't done all of the shows we saw at the fringe (I have one review to do for the two one-to-one shows we saw, and another that will be a turkey roundup), but what I did get to was the hysterical social media dramastorm play, Purge, which just killed me. SO SO FUNNY. I also enjoyed I Wish I Was Lonely, the interactive performance about our addiction to cellphones, and I found the (occasionally 3D) shadow puppet show Slapdash Galaxy just tremendously enjoyable (and inspirational). We saw four other shows as well which I think I'll write up but man, time is limited!

Anyway, by the time we made it back to London Wednesday I was feeling pretty full on theater for the week, so I only went to see one show ... er, well, actually, it's been four days and I've seen three shows so maybe I'm not being entirely truthful. At any rate, we saw a hip hop version of The Wizard of Oz that totally blew away any bad memories of The Wiz. J and Katie and I loved Groove on Down the Road and I'm really glad we made the effort to see it.

So as it turns out I saw two shows this weekend and I need to write them up too, but man! Time! And I'm still really entertained with the kitten, and my life is very busy, which is funny because I'm not working and my time is entirely my own.